Tripled international 5G network coverage and iPhone WiFi calls thanks to Google Fi

News Summary:

  • That means that customers who are on the Flexible or Unlimited Plus plans and have a compatible Pixel or Samsung Galaxy S22 series phone, you’ll be able to enjoy 5G speeds in no less than 39 countries. The addition of Samsung phones on the compatibility list is another first for Google Fi, as the carrier only provided the service only to its Pixel-owner subscribers.

  • One of the smallest carriers in the US, Google Fi is one of the greatest options for people who dislike long-term commitments. Since the carrier recently announced it has tripled its worldwide 5G network coverage by adding 26 more countries to the list of approved coverage locations, Google Fi’s roaming service has become even better, setting it apart from other MVNOs in the US.

Keep in mind though that regardless of whether or not you’re using a Pixel or Samsung Galaxy S22 series phone, you will still get 4G coverage with Wi-Fi in over 200 countries, so the changes announced this week won’t affect you unless you own one of the compatible 5G phones.

Additionally, Google Fi confirmed that it’s bringing Wi-Fi calling to iPhone. Previously only available for Android users, the feature allows subscribers to use Wi-Fi to make phone calls when they travel abroad, thus reducing calling costs.

As far as iPhone users go, Google Fi announced a couple of important improvements such as the ability to use hotspot tethering while abroad. Basically, you’ll be able to use your iPhone as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot to share its internet connectivity with your other devices while you’re in one of the 200 countries where Google Fi offers coverage.

Thankfully, the improvements announced this week don’t come with any price changes, which means Google Fi’s Unlimited Plus plan remains just $40 per month per line for four or more lines. The plan includes 100GB of cloud storage with Google One for each person on the plan. For those who don’t need the international perks can opt for the Simply Unlimited plans that starts at $20 per month per line for four of more lines.