Tracker for Google Pixel Android 12 Bugs, Problems and Problems Tracker for Google Pixel Android 12 Bugs, Problems and Problems

Tracker for Google Pixel Android 12 Bugs, Problems and Problems Tracker for Google Pixel Android 12 Bugs, Problems and Problems

Tech Highlights:

  • The Android 12 beta 1 upgrade has a lot to unpack, as predicted, but Google has yet to disclose its Material You design, which has everyone’s attention.

  • Google unveiled its Android 12 ambitions at its I/O event a few hours ago, and the public received the Android 12 Beta 1 update shortly after.

However, a significant new update brings with it a slew of new flaws and issues that will need to be addressed in following versions.

So we’ll keep track of all these developments in one place to make it easier for you to know whether or not certain bugs and issues on Google Pixel phones running on Android 12 are widespread or not.

That said, it won’t be surprising to see some bugs and issues slip past the beta testing phase and make an appearance with the stable release.

Update 1 (May 24)

IST 01:50 pm: As per recent reports from Google’s IssueTacker, users are experiencing a couple of issues on the Android 12 beta 1 update where the Pixel Live Wallpaper is crashing and the QS battery estimates are appearing off-screen.

Update 2 (May 31)

IST 07:04 pm: It seems that users of the Android 12 beta 1 update are facing an issue where Gmail and other apps are crashing after a few seconds. However, there is a simple workaround to fix the same. More on that here. Update 3 (June 04)

IST 11:36 am: Google Pixel device owners who use the app are advised to hold off from updating their units to Android 12 beta 1 build as the app simply doesn’t work, at least for now. Learn more about that here. Update 4 (June 07)

IST 11:21 am: Google has reportedly confirmed that they will work on making the Android 12 ripple effect feel less glitchy. Of course, we’ll have to wait and see the newer animation to judge whether there’s any improvement. IST 03:38 pm: Google Pixel device owners are complaining about battery not charging beyond 80%. But Google says it isn’t a bug and is more of an optimization feature.

Update 5 (June 15) IST 12:26 PM: Users of Pixel devices on Android 12 beta 2 build are reporting issues with an inconsistent Monet theming engine and a navigation bar that remains stuck on the right-hand side of the display even in full-screen landscape apps. More on that here.

IST 02:32 PM: The upcoming Android 12 Beta 3 update may address buggy swipe on lock screen that freezes and prevents dismissing notifications along with the unfinished volume control layout on Google Pixels. IST 06:33 PM: Some Google Pixel 4a users are facing an issue where the Recent apps button is not working even on the Android 12 beta 2 update.

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