Toyota develops fuel cell system to cut carbon footprint

Toyota develops fuel cell system to cut carbon footprint

News: Toyota develops fuel cell system to cut carbon footprint.

TOKYO (Reuters) – Toyota Motor Corp announced Friday that it has developed a packaged fuel cell system module to improve the use and accessibility of zero-emission technology as the industry shifts to electric vehicles (EVs).

The world’s largest automaker, which launched a redesigned Mirai in December, failed to win drivers over to fuel cell vehicles (FCV).

The FCV segment remains a niche technology despite the support of the Japanese government as concerns remain about lack of gas stations, resale values ​​and the risk of hydrogen explosions.

The new fuel cell battery system (FC), which will be offered in separate parts, will be available in a compact, packaged module that can be used as a stationary power generator or in trucks, buses, trains and ships, the company announced on Friday.

Toyota said it plans to sell the module to other companies in the spring of 2021 or later, but did not provide details on the price or sales target.

“Toyota has taken various initiatives to create a hydrogen society,” the Japanese company said in a statement.

“Through this experience, the company has learned that many companies involved in FC products in a wide variety of industries are looking for FC systems that can be easily customized for their own product.”

The automaker plans to offer horizontally and vertically packed models weighing around 240 kg to 250 kg with a nominal output of 60 kW or 80 kW each.

These module models can be combined to adapt flexibly to the output level and the available installation space.

The module, which packages individual products of the revised Mirai vehicle with fuel cell systems and improved performance, will be manufactured at Toyota’s Honsha plant in Aichi Prefecture, a company spokesman said.

Reporting by Eimi Yamamitsu; Arrangement by Tom Hogue and Sherry Jacob-Phillips

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