Tom Girardi, Erika Jayne’s husband, has his Laptop discovers what brings him one step closer to the answers for his victims

Tom Girardi, Erika Jayne's husband, has his Laptop discovers what brings him one step closer to the answers for his victims

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  • ‘RHOBH’ Star Erika Jayne’s Husband Tom Girardi Accused Of Listing $261 Million Net Worth On 2020 Loan Documents In the recent filing, the trustee says she discovered a laptop containing files from Girardi’s firm is on a laptop in the possession of his former employee, Christopher Kamon. The trustee says they have demanded Kamon hand over all physical files and records of Girardi in his possession, as the laptop and physical files and records of Girardi are property of the estate.

  • Erika Jayne’s estranged husband’s previous law firm’s laptop was discovered, and his victims are hoping it provides answers to their missing money. According to court documents obtained by Radar, the trustee overseeing Tom Girardi’s bankruptcy told the court of the shocking news. Girardi and his business were forced into Chapter 7 by creditors who claimed the once-powerful lawyer was refusing to pay his bills, as we previously reported. His firm owes $101 million to former partners, clients, and lenders, according to financial records.

Kamon told the trustee he used the laptop to store personal matters and sensitive information. He says the court has no right to access his personal information on the laptop. Despite his fears, Kamon reached a deal to turn over the device to the trustee. The laptop will be returned to him after the bankruptcy is closed. The trustee is hoping the device will assist in figuring out Girardi’s assets and liabilities. The biggest question is where his former clients’ money ended up.

Both the orphans and the fire burn victim are making moves to go after Jayne for the missing money. In one federal lawsuit, the Bravo star is accused of filing a “sham” divorce in an attempt to hide assets. Recently, the law firm representing the orphans filed documents claiming they reviewed bombshell financial records. They claim the documents show Girardi used money meant for the orphans to pay bills for Jayne’s company EJ Global.

At the moment, a group of orphans and widows are going after Girardi and Jayne for $2 million. They were represented by Girardi in a lawsuit against Boeing but claim he failed to pay out their entire settlement. Another fire burn victim, who scored a $11 million settlement with PG&E, claims Girardi owes him $11 million. Erika Jayne’s Pasadena Mansion Price Slashed To $8 Million As Tom Girardi’s Victims Make Moves In Court

Jayne is also facing a $25 million lawsuit demanding she returns money Girardi spent on her. For his part, Girardi is currently living in a fancy senior living home in Burbank, a far cry from his former $10 million Pasadena mansion. His family claims he has dementia and is unable to answer questions about his alleged financial wrongdoing. Jayne has refused to return a dime claiming she knew nothing about her husband’s dealings. She was hit with bad news recently after a judge signed off on the orphans being allowed to go after Jayne in court.

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