Today Xbox Game Pass is adding two new games, one of which is a Day One release

Today Xbox Game Pass is adding two new games, one of which is a Day One release

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  • Xbox Game Pass is said to have between 25 and 30 million customers, a huge amount that reflects the service’s success and prominence inside the Xbox brand. Games don’t stay on the programme indefinitely, with new titles added every month, but that means there’s always something fresh to play with Xbox Game Pass, which is one of the reasons so many people subscribe.

  • The frequent release of new titles on Xbox Game Pass continues to delight. Today is a big day for Xbox Game Pass subscribers, with two significant releases, one of which is a day one title.For Xbox and PC users, the value of Xbox Game Pass has rapidly been evident. Players can obtain access to dozens of games, as well as new ones from Xbox’s first-party studios and other select day one titles, for a relatively low monthly or annual fee.

There are two major games available today on Xbox Game Pass, the first of which being Back 4 Blood. Available to purchase today on other platforms, Back 4 Blood is a day one Xbox Game Pass title on console, PC, and Cloud, not requiring any other fees to download and play right now. As the name may indicate, Back 4 Blood shares some similarities to Left 4 Dead, but rest assured, it is very much its own thing. Players can go solo or team up in a 4-man squad to fight against the Ridden horde, with a large variety of weapons and characters each with their own unique abilites and traits.

Xbox Game Pass has provided some big games in the past, but as release season continues and more of Xbox’s first-party games come out, the luxury of Game Pass will become more apparent. Back 4 Blood looks like a wild ride, especially when the Ridden just keep coming, so it is definitely best to bring a friend along.

The other new title available today on Xbox Game Pass is Destiny 2: Beyond Light, coming to Xbox Game Pass on PC after having already been available on consoles for nearly a year at this point. This sprawling sci-fi looter shooter is has captured the minds of millions of players, as Bungie, the original creators of Halo, have crafted a tight and fun experience that just keeps growing the more time spent playing it. Beyond Light is Destiny 2’s latest expansion, featuring new story missions for cooperative PvE gameplay, as well as plenty of new loot and weapons for players to track down and collect.

As for Destiny 2: Beyond Light, sure it’s an older game that has been released on other systems, but it is undoubtedly a polished title, and with the rest of Destiny 2’s expansions coming with it, there is a nearly endless amount of content here. With the next Destiny 2 expansion, The Witch Queen, on the horizon, now is a perfect time to jump in and start playing on Xbox Game Pass.


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