To make your games a little faster, Sony’s new PS5 firmcan is the option

To make your games a little faster, Sony's new PS5 firmcan is the option

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  • Sony’s latest PS5 system firmware update makes some games run a little faster, at least in certain scenarios. In a new video from Digital Foundry, it was found that an increase in performance ̵

  • Sony’s PlayStation 5 recently received a firmware update which impacts both the console’s 1000 series launch model and the newer 1100 series revision.

1: affecting both the starting 1000-series model and the recently released 1100-series model revision – appears to make certain games run up to three percentage points faster.

The video’s accompanying frame graph material showed DMC5SE cut scenes and steering‘s Photo mode (which unlocks the game’s frame rate, which is limited to 30 fps during the game) runs higher on the PS5 with the newer firmware with fluctuating 1-2 frames per second.

Digital Foundry founder Richard Leadbetter compared performance tests in Control Ultimate Edition and Devil May Cry 5 special edition using the previously released PS5 firmware as a benchmark compared to the current September system software update.

During his testing, Leadbetter said each game ran 1-3 percent faster with a 1 percent margin of error. He added that ray tracing and unlocked frame rates appeared to be a “common component” in their occurrence.

Digital Foundry didn’t mention any other games that unlocked frame rates below 60 fps as the powerful PS5 console doesn’t have many of them. This leaves one to interpret how much power this firmware update may open up for PS5 games across the board.

While faster game performance may seem unusual for a hardware system update, the case of Sony’s new firmware is just the latest example. Microsoft originally launched the original Xbox One in 2013 with 10 percent of the device’s total GPU processing time reserved for “system processing.”

Which makes room for the mandatory Kinect integration as well as the hardware’s snap mode for switching between apps provided. Sony officials didn’t immediately respond to questions about the PS5’s latest firmware update and its impact on game performance.

The new firmware delivers a performance bump, making the gaming console approximately 3% faster. However, only some games run slightly faster and it can’t be said that the improvement would be visible on every PlayStation 5 title.

During testing, the frame-graph footage showed both DMC5SE and Control running at a fluctuating one to two frames per second higher on the new PS5 firmware. Leadbetter observed that each game was running approximately 1-3% faster, with a 1% margin of error. Additionally, he noted that ray tracing and unlocked framerates were a “common component” in their occurrence.

Digital Foundry did not make any mention of other games that have unlocked framerates below 60fps because the PS5 doesn’t have many of those, to begin with. Sony is yet to comment on the firmware update and its impact on game performance.

However, this isn’t the first instance where we’ve seen firmware updates improving in-game performance. For instance, in 2013, Microsoft had reserved 10% of the original Xbox One’s GPU processing for “system processing.” This earmarked space for mandatory Kinect integration as well as Snap mode, a hardware-level feature used to jump between apps.

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