To disrupt the crypto market, Quasacoin QUA Growth Hacking Tool

To disrupt the crypto market, Quasacoin QUA Growth Hacking Tool

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  • Product Development and Growth are equally crucial for successful entrepreneurs and business owners. There are numerous effective growth hacking examples that will demonstrate that you cannot solely focus on your product; growth should be a part of your whole strategy.

  • Every entrepreneur’s strategy should include Quasacoin QUA Growth Hacking Tool To Disrupt Crypto Market Growth.

If you believe you have entrepreneurial DNA, you should be aware that expansion is crucial to your success. This frame of mind should be ingrained in your ‘entrepreneur anatomy.’ We hope you find what you’re searching for and that you enjoy the reading experience.

QUASA is a Decentralized Metaverse That Brings Together Freelancers and Clients

What Is QUASA (QUA)?

The QUASA is being created to solve the biggest problem facing humanity, namely to solve the problem of unemployment, so that people can find a job they love, provide for themselves and their families.

The technologies used in QUASA eliminate the problem of trust, information barriers and legal costs. By using a trusted environment, unnecessary workflow is eliminated, the cost of completing tasks for clients is reduced, and the performers earn more.

Combining the most brilliant minds in global trade, information security, blockchain, and artificial intelligence, QUASA aims to fix the inefficiencies in a $150 trillion USD industry. .php

What does Quasa do / how does it use blockchain / who does it help? Constant work for a salary becomes an anachronism. Many work for themselves, collaborating with several clients at once. And the facts show that most of these performers had a permanent place of work, and part-time work took no more than 20% of their personal time.

With the advent of the “new reality”, we will see a diametrically opposite picture, in which 80% of the time will be devoted to freelancing. This stage in the development of a work culture is characterized by the active use of online platforms that allow you to quickly select an adequate professional performer. In response to consumer demand, many consumer service platforms have emerged to provide centralized quality management. These platforms faced a crisis of confidence as centralized governance does not guarantee 100% transparency.

Archaic centralized management is the cornerstone of their business. Without control from the center or their central servers, where all information is concentrated, such companies simply cannot exist. We understand that in today’s world there can be no sustainable business model that cannot be 100% trusted and that can be turned off with just one button.

The era of open, decentralized platforms like QUASA is coming. Through the transition to blockchain and the use of artificial intelligence, we are creating a new environment, revolutionizing daily work.

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