Three key engineers from Apple’s car project have left the company

Three key engineers from Apple's car project have left the company

Tech Highlights:

  • Bloomberg reports that the business has lost three more senior engineers working on the Apple Car project. Eric Rogers, Alex Clarabut, and Stephen Spiteri all departed the project to work for different companies.

  • The Apple Car project is still a shambles, as it always has been.

Apple’s top engineer for radar systems on the project, Eric Rogers, recently left for flying-taxi startup Joby Aviation Inc. Alex Clarabut, an engineering manager for the team’s battery systems section, has gone to work for Archer Aviation Inc., a business that is developing air taxis.

Archer is working on electric-powered air taxis that take off and land vertically. Like competitors Lilium and Joby Aviation, Archer aims to transport passengers on short trips, avoiding traffic on the ground and the noise and emissions generated by traditional fuel-burning aircraft and cars.

Stephen Spiteri, an Apple hardware engineering manager, left to join Archer as well. Joby and Archer confirmed the appointments, which underscore a push by aviation startups to nab Silicon Valley talent. An Apple spokesman declined to comment.

It’s already developed a model known as the Maker that can carry one passenger and a pilot, and is working on a four-passenger model. The company aims to operate urban air mobility services starting in Los Angeles once its aircraft are cleared by the Federal Aviation Administration for commercial use.

The Apple Car project is now led by Apple executive Kevin Lynch, who is also in charge of watchOS.

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