Though it’s really very unfair, but why WhatsApp is better iPhone than Android

Though it's really very unfair, but why WhatsApp is better iPhone than Android

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  • An article on the WABetaInfo site explains: “Some members from my Discord community have logged the differences between the two platforms in these years, but note that we didn’t list features that are already available on a platform but are under development on the other one.

  • WHATSAPP experts have revealed the reason behind their thinking that the app is much better on iPhone than Android. WABetaInfo has now put together a list of things Android users are missing, it is a platform known for its insight into all the latest WhatsApp features. The list revealed that, on compared to iPhone users, a staggering eight WhatsApp features that Android users are missing out.

“In this list, you will find exclusive features on a platform.”

These two features are listed as “Select all chats in edit mode” and “Send uncompressed photos as documents directly”.

In comparison, there are only two features that iPhone users are said to be lacking.

If you’re an iPhone user and you think those WhatsApp features sound too good to miss, you may want to consider switching over to Android.

However, you’ll have to be prepared to miss out on quite a long list of other features.

According to WABetaInfo, Android users are missing out on WhatsApp features like “Chat preview without sending read receipts”, “Cropping videos” and “See total unread chat count while in a chat”.

The feature “Save media manually” was also on the Android list but the experts noted that “some Android users have the possibility to save media manually thanks to a new “Save” feature, available in the message option.” A full list of all the features the Android version of WhatsApp is said to be lacking can be found below.

It’s currently unclear whether WhatsApp plans to add any of the ‘missing’ features to Android or iPhone. The Sun US reached out to WhatsApp for comment but it had nothing further to share on the matter.

In other news, Android users are being warned to update their phone’s privacy settings after a new update could leave their devices vulnerable. Samsung has killed off one of its most beloved smartphone ranges, according to reports.

And, a tech expert has revealed some exciting hidden Google features in a popular TikTok video.

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