This turntable by Technics is a much affordable successor to the SL-1500C

This turntable by Technics is a much affordable successor to the SL-1500C

Legendary turntable brand Technics has announced the addition of a new entry-level model to its product line, the SL-100C. Technics says the turntable will act as a more affordable successor to the excellent SL-1500C while retaining its older brother’s winning combination of value, sound quality, and compatibility.

To keep costs down, the company has dropped the phono stage of its predecessor and equipped the SL-100C with another cartridge, Audio-Technica’s VM95C, while retaining the same iron-core direct-drive motor and S-shaped aluminum tonearm.

The SL-100C also features the same two-layer platter design, along with a high-stiffness housing and high-damping isolator, which Technics claims minimizes vibration and ensures a smooth vinyl tracking process.

In addition, the aforementioned aluminum tonearm (which looks as good as ever, by the way) will feature an auto-lift function to reduce the risk of needle wear – though this is a feature we expect to see on most of the best turntables you can buy today.

The SL-100C will be available in Europe from June 2021 for £ 799 (about $ 1,100 / AU $ 1,450) at launch, while global availability has yet to be confirmed. That’s certainly not cheap, but still about $ 100 / £ 100 less than its predecessor.

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