This summer, Disney Illusion Island becomes a reality

News Summary:

  • The first time Disney Illusion Island was showcased was at D23 in September of last year, where we saw co-op play with Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy. The characters can be seen jumping, swinging, swimming, and collectively exploring the mysterious island as this new trailer reveals more of their individual animations and abilities. We even get to see Mickey and Minnie give each other a sweet hug, and Goofy pulls off some silly aerial tricks on a huge mustard bottle that is squirting liquid.

  • In today’s Nintendo Direct, we got a fresh look at the upcoming four-player co-op platformer Disney Illusion Island, which will satisfy the nostalgic Disney geeks’ desire for some good ol’ fashioned Mickey Mouse nonsense. The publication date was set as July 28, 2023.

Overall, the gameplay resembles Ori and the Blind Forest, except that there are up to four characters involved (you can play solo or in smaller groups, too). There are numerous NPCs strewn about to encounter, as well as boss fights that seem to make use of the platforming mechanics for some intriguingly challenging puzzles.

Today is the pre-order deadline for Disney Illusion Island, which is currently only intended for the Nintendo Switch. We discovered last year that it was created from the ashes of a $3.5 million agreement between developer Dlala and Disney for an entirely different IP. When Disney stopped publishing video games in 2016, that game also died. However, with Dlala back in charge, “many of the foundational elements” have made a comeback in Disney Illusion Island.