This is what Apple’s expected AR / VR headset will most likely look like

This is what Apple’s expected AR / VR headset will most likely look like

Tech Highlights:

  • Apple’s virtual reality headgear is the company’s first move toward a mixed reality future. It is expected to borrow design aspects from Apple’s whole product range in order to create a gadget that is both comfortable and stylish.

  • Apple’s virtual reality headset is expected to be released in 2022, and AppleInsider has developed exclusive renderings to demonstrate what it may look like.

The graphics were created based on a story from The Information that revealed a purported prototype design for the virtual reality headset. It’s described as a “sleek, curving visor with mesh material joined by swappable headbands” that rests on the user’s face.

Using this description, we can expect the curved visor to take on an Apple Watch-like glass enclosure. The mesh may resemble the padding used in the AirPods Max, and the bands could look similar to the Apple Watch sport bands.

the curved visor will have an Apple Watch-like glass casing. The mesh might imitate the AirPods Max cushioning, while the bands could match the Apple Watch sport bands.

Our render of the headset shows lightweight materials and a head strap meant to equally distribute weight across the wearer’s head. Apple’s AirPods Max are heavy aluminum headphones, but thanks to its headband design, the weight is hardly noticeable in use, and this design would translate well to a headset.

Initial reports suggested that the VR headset would utilize the iPhone to process its software, but more recent rumors suggest the headset will be a stand-alone device. One report from Kuo said that it would have M1-level processing for high-end applications and development.

Such power would be needed for developers to create the next generation of AR and VR experiences. Ultimately, the Apple VR headset will be a stepping stone to creating content for an AR headset, dubbed “Apple Glass.”

Despite being virtual reality-first, the headset may also implement cameras to overlay augmented reality objects in the real world. This means Apple’s VR headset may actually be mixed reality based on what apps are being used. These alternate AR, VR, and MR modes would be ideal for developing experiences for all Apple devices.

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