This Hulu feature is not accessible to Android users

This Hulu feature is not accessible to Android users

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  • Google updated its payment policy for Google Play—Android’s App Store—in Sept. 2020, according to The Verge. With the update, the tech giant announced that it would be tightening its requirements for third-party apps to use Google’s billing services, which allows it to take a cut of revenue generated by an app. This change just went into effect on March 31, after Google offered a six-month extension from its original Sept. 2021 deadline. “All developers selling digital goods and services in their apps are required to use Google Play’s billing system,” Google now states in its store’s payment policy. “Apps using an alternative in-app billing system will need to remove it in order to comply with the Payments policy.”

  • While constant declarations of devotion to Apple and its products may give the impression that the majority of the world’s population owns an iPhone, that honour actually belongs to Android. According to Statista, Android will account for nearly 70% of the global market share in January 2022, while Apple’s iOS system will account for only 25%. With that in mind, a new Google change is likely to have a negative impact on a large number of people and how they use their phones. Continue reading to find out what Android users were recently prohibited from doing.

Android users have now been barred from using certain features as a result.
Hulu streaming application on smartphone screen close-up Android Google Play Store app. Following Google’s clampdown on outside payments, Hulu has made a massive change to its app for Android, 9to5Google first reported on April 29. According to the news outlet, the streaming site is no longer allowing users to sign up for Hulu on their Android devices. Hulu has removed the option to make a new account or start a new free trial on its app for both Android and Android TV. The streaming company has not officially disclosed a reason for this decision, but tech experts believe it is a response to Google’s recent billing changes. “By not offering sign-ups within the app, Hulu gets to keep its full revenue by generating new accounts via its website,” 9to5Google explains.

But you can still use the app on your Android devices. “Sorry, we’re unable to do sign ups in the app. If you’re already a subscriber, log in below to start watching,” a message on Hulu’s app for Android now reads, per 9to5Google. The app’s new user interface also now features a more prominent “Log in” button at the bottom of its screen.

ShutterstockFor more technology news delivered straight to your inbox, sign up for our daily newsletter. You can still use Hulu on your Android devices if you’re already a subscriber. Hulu website homepage. It is an American subscription video on demand service owned by Hulu LLC. Hulu logo visible. Before this change was made, the Hulu Android app originally opened up to a page advertising the starting prices for its service, alongside a “Log in” or “Start your free trial” button, according to 9to5Google. The app’s latest update removed those options, as well as any reference to the cost of its plans or to its free trial.

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