This awesome Google freebie eliminates annoying robocalls and gives you a second phone number

This awesome Google freebie eliminates annoying robocalls and gives you a second phone number

Tech Highlights:

  • The more widespread your number is, the more vulnerable you are to hackers and other bad actors. A secondary phone number protects your primary one, but it can do a lot more, too. When you get a new phone number, your old one does not just disappear into the ether. That’s scary if you think about anything connected to your number. Tap or click to see how someone else getting their hands on it can seriously compromise your privacy.

  • Fun fact: Over the years, two of my website’s most popular recommendations have all dealt with blocking your phone number and identifying blocked or unusual numbers that have called you. pique curiosity It’s not always a robocaller calling you from an unknown number. Here are four web methods for locating anyone’s cellphone number: tap or click. Tap or click here for all the temporary and permanent methods to block your own number if you wish to (and you should!). This obscure scam call deterrent is used.

Google Voice is a free service that gives you a phone number to use however you like for domestic and international phone calls, texts, and voicemails. Google Voice is available for iOS, Android, and your computer. All you need is a Google account to get started. Choose a phone number from the list. You can search by city or area code. Verify the number and enter a phone number to link to your Voice account. Let’s say you have to switch providers because you’re moving to a new state or country. Perhaps you found a better deal elsewhere. You probably want to keep your old phone number, right? The good news is you can likely port it to Google Voice for a $20 fee.

Google Voice lets you record conversations, too. It’s easier than scribbling notes when you need a record of a call. Be sure to check your local laws before recording any conversation. In some states, you need to get the consent of everyone involved before hitting record.

Not every provider or phone number is eligible, but you can give it a try. You’ll need your account number and PIN, so have your billing account information handy. Open Google Voice and click the hamburger menu icon. Go to Legacy Google Voice, then click the Settings gear icon to go to Settings. Select the Phones tab, then Change/Port next to your phone number. You need to talk to a particular person, but you don’t want them to have your real number. When you don’t want to block someone outright, you can send them to voicemail.

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