“Think Strong” Apple will be releasing a new external display for Macs

"Think Strong" Apple will be releasing a new external display for Macs

Tech Highlights:

  • Gurman is asked whether he expects Apple will release a new external display for Mac in the Q&A portion of his monthly Power On newsletter. he “seriously believes” Apple is working on this.

  • Apple is stepping up its efforts to release a new external display that is less expensive than the Pro Display XDR. Apple will “introduce a new external display for its newest Macs” in the near future.

[Apple will release a new external monitor for its newest Macs], I am convinced.] I believe a lower-cost monitor would be a big seller for people wishing to upgrade their new MacBook Pro to a larger screen without forking over the equivalent of a luxury vehicle down payment on the Pro Display XDR. Apple might be able to acquire a similar quality monitor (at a little smaller size) for approximately half the price with a few adjustments and perhaps a tiny loss in brightness with a few tweaks and potentially a slight drop in brightness. By the way, Apple’s attempt to explain the current display’s pricing by comparing it to a $43,000 Hollywood-grade reference monitor is still ludicrous.

Meanwhile, Bloomberg also reported on Apple’s plans to launch a cheaper external display back in January. Unfortunately, additional details about this effort remain unclear. But as we’ve said many times, the lack of a more affordable alternative to the Pro Display XDR is a glaring hole in Apple’s lineup. Right now, only Apple-approved options include the LG UltraFine 4K and LG UltraFine 5K.

Of course, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard about Apple’s plans for a lower-priced external display. Just last week, a leaker indicated that Apple is in “early development” of 24-inch and 27-inch external displays. Apple is also working on a successor to the Pro Display XDR, as 9to5Mac has reported.

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