There is a Halo Infinite bug that fans hope won’t fix

There is a Halo Infinite bug that fans hope won't fix

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  • More recently, players are upset with Halo Infinite’s Fracture: Tenrai event, it falling into some of the same trappings as the larger battle pass.

  • The multiplayer mode in Halo Infinite has been out for over a week, and it looks a lot different than it did when it first came out. Despite the outstanding gameplay, the community consensus is that Halo Infinite’s progression system needs to be reworked, with the current battle pass not feeling all that relevant. 343 Industries put in place certain interim procedures to ensure that players earned XP regularly from every match, which may still be insufficient for some, but is a vast improvement over the prior challenge-only method.

Halo Infinite players want a bug relating to the match-start lineup to not be fixed due to its continually hilarious results. Crespo2006 on Reddit captures the phenomenon in a video post titled, “The one bug that Halo Infinite should keep,” which is simply a montage of the Spartan lineup messing up with out-of-place players. Every clip starts the same, showing the traditionally serious intro of the Spartans gesturing side-by-side before it finally becomes time for the final player’s spotlight, but they are not standing properly. Frantically, the camera flies over to final player’s location which leads to some hilarious results, like Spartans staring into walls, or standing in the line but facing the wrong way.

Replies to Crespo2006’s post agree on the consistently hilarious bug being kept in the game. The greatest impact the bug has on the game is Halo Infinite’s presentation, it breaking player immersion of these serious Spartans just being oriented properly. It can be argued the bug can potentially provide a competitive advantage or disadvantage since players could spawn further into a map, closer to power weapons or other enemies. However, the relative infrequency of the bug should at least give it some merit in remaining in the game.

Not all of Halo Infinite’s bugs have been as funny as this one, though. One nasty Halo Infinite bug disables aim assist from weapons which is especially detrimental to controller players. When starting up the game, even with a gamepad plugged in, it still prompts the player to press “Enter” to continue, and if done, the controller will play like a keyboard, with zero aim-assist. Fortunately though, as long as players press start on their controller instead of the keyboard, their controls should preserved (in most cases)—if it doesn’t work, players need to reboot the game.

Halo Infinite’s Multiplayer Beta is available now on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, with the full game releasing on December 8.



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