There are stutters and an unstable frame rate on Steam

There are stutters and an unstable frame rate on Steam

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  • The latest release from Arkane Studios, the ambitious devs behind Prey and Dishonored, Deathloop concerns an assassin named Colt as he explores a Groundhog Day-eseque time loop on a secluded island known as Blackreef.

  • Deathloop is, by all accounts, a damn good game. That said, its reception on Steam is sitting shakily in “Mixed” territory due to the various performance-related issues currently plaguing PC players.

It’s Cole’s job to break the loop by dispatching a group of eight targets, each with their own backgrounds, talents, and reasons for wanting to maintain Blackreef’s never-ending party.

According to several reviews left on the game’s Steam page, Deathloop is prone to bouts of slowdown and stuttering that have soured players’ experiences on launch day.

Oh, and other players can invade your game in the role of Julianna, a woman who’s hot on Cole’s trail trying to protect the loop. Fun!

“Game’s great just optimized, like, really bad,” explained one Steam user. “Stuttered like crazy on my RTX 3070ti at 1080p even with the latest drivers and [raytracing] off.”

“Want to play this game, but I cannot sadly because it stutters so much and it actually gets a little motion sickness-inducing,” a second wrote.

Many reviews blame Deathloop’s use of Denuvo, a popular anti-piracy tool, for these slowdowns. Denuvo often interferes with legitimately-purchased games while doing little to hamper pirates from playing cracked releases.

This tech most recently affected Resident Evil Village, which ran like crap on PC until the anti-piracy measures were removed

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