There are many advantages to being a PlayStation fan

There are many advantages to being a PlayStation fan

Points Highlighted:

  • Sony’s Catalog Of First-Party Exclusives Provide Something For Everyone.

  • While the road hasn’t always been smooth, Sony continues to maintain its popularity in the gaming world, and one big reason for that is what PlayStation has to offer. Fans of PlayStation, as well as new adopters of the console family, are met with extraordinary adventures, immense levels of variety, and exclusive developers willing to push what’s possible on the console. Overall, it’s good to be a PlayStation fan.

Asking PlayStation fans why they stick with PlayStation yields many different answers. However, the most common reason is the exclusives on offer. Sony has established numerous critically acclaimed and high-selling exclusives throughout its lifespan, all of which come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate any type of player.

First-Party Studios Ensures A Big Hit Is Always Right Around The Corner.

While some of these exclusives, such as MLB: The Show, God of War, and Uncharted have slowly trickled their way onto other systems, there is no shortage of games players can only play on PlayStation.

PlayStation exclusives don’t appear out of thin air. Sony has numerous first-party developers under their umbrella who cover many different gaming niches, whether players are looking for a sprawling open-world adventure or a lighthearted platformer. With so many developers churning out high-quality and memorable games, players rarely have to wait for the next major first-party release.

Sony Has Firm Footing In The Virtual Reality Sector With PlayStation VR.

Virtual Reality gaming as we know it is relatively young. Developers are still exploring what’s possible and how to provide players with the best immersive experience possible. In 2016, Sony joined in on the VR fun by releasing the PlayStation VR. Sony even revived the PlayStation Move, which was their attempt at capitalizing on the Nintendo Wii’s motion control popularity for use in conjunction with PSVR.

Not only does the PSVR have its own dedicated games, other games such as Resident Evil 7: Biohazard have been equipped with a VR mode, which sets it apart from other console versions of the game. And those who were afraid Sony might abandon the PSVR too early (or give up on it entirely) were pleased to learn that a PlayStation VR successor is on the way. PlayStation Gets A Lot Of Love From Japanese Developers.

Sony has long-established relationships with many Japanese developers. This is for numerous reasons, such as the console family’s popularity in the country, a long history, and Sony being a Japanese company themselves. This leads to PlayStation receiving plenty of love from Japanese developers, which is fantastic for players who want as much variety as possible. Those relationships come with third-party console exclusives, whether timed or full. Games such as Final Fantasy VII: Remake and Street Fighter V – two recent games in the most iconic franchises in gaming – can only be played on the PlayStation and/or PC. That’s not to mention other series like mainline Persona titles or Guilty Gear, all of which have made a comfortable home with PlayStation over the years.

Playstation Plus Offers Great Value Beyond Online Play. In 2010, Sony launched their PlayStation Plus service – an answer to Microsoft’s Xbox Live. PS+ was originally a service where players could access cloud-saving, trials, and discounts. While the service didn’t gate online play for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita players, the ability to play online was included for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

A Platinum Trophy Awaits Dedicated Trophy Hunters. Sony jumped on the achievement craze in 2008 with the release of trophies. These trophies function almost identically to Xbox’s achievements but are presented in a different way. Trophies are split up into four different levels based on difficulty: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The Platinum trophy is what sets this system apart from others, as it’s obtained by acquiring every other trophy in the base trophy list (although not every game has these).

These Platinum trophies are highly sought out by the trophy hunting community, which are viewed as a symbol of one’s mastery of a game. As an added bonus, players can allow screenshots and video clips during the moments they earn any of these trophies, which lets them relive their crowning gaming achievements. Remote Play Allows Players To Continue Their Game Away From The TV.

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