There are 6 million mobile games! Which is Washington’s preferred option

There are 6 million mobile games!  Which is Washington's preferred option

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  • Let’s start with Angry Birds. Angry Birds was ranked the most popular and addicting game in 2010. People still love it. The feathered freaks spawned two movies that alone earned half a billion dollars total at the box office. Last year the bad birds pulled in more than 300-million dollars from the mobile game and according to a survey by the puzzle site Bits & Pieces, seven states show Angry Birds as their favorite mobile game. But NOT Washington or Oregon or Idaho. (Actually, Oregon favors the derivative- Angry Birds Friends).

  • The sun shines brightly, your mind wanders and then relaxes, and you reach for your phone (since you never leave house without it) in quest of some form of engagement or diversion. There are about 6 million phone games accessible now. The most notable increase happened two years following the original iPhone release in 2009, about the same time when Angry Birds and World of Tanks made their app store debuts. So, which game is the most popular in the state of Washington? What about the rest of the Pacific Northwest, or the country as a whole? We have the solutions!

World of Tanks game rolls in at number three…favored most by players in three states including our neighbor to the east, Idaho. Gem state gamers find a tank battalion a green glowing gem of a way to pass time and stir up a little dust and excitement. Deceptively simple and insanely fun, Hearthstone is a fast-paced strategy card game from Blizzard Entertainment….In theory the objective of a game of Hearthstone is simple: reduce the enemy hero’s health to zero before they can do so to you. However, the game features multiple strategic elements which require mastery before one can be successful at competitive levels of play. With 6 million from which to choose, there’s a game for you and its as close as your mobile phone …and you NEVER leave home without it!

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