The Xbox space required for Stalker 2 is 180 GB

The Xbox space required for Stalker 2 is 180 GB

Tech Highlights:

  • Stalker 2 is only five months away from release, and the game’s details have been updated on the Xbox store (thanks, TheGamer). Stalker 2 will be very large, likely from its use of Unreal Engine 5, and will take up half of the storage space offered on the Xbox Series S’ 364GB of storage.

  • The Xbox store page for Stalker 2 has been updated with fresh information, stating that 180GB of storage will be required.

While these are early details and could change before the game is released, Stalker 2’s Steam page also lists a large amount of storage required. For PC players, GSC Game World is recommending players keep 150GB of SSD space free. Stalker 2 will be released on Xbox Game Pass, allowing fans to grab the game at no extra cost.

Another critical feature that could see use in Stalker 2 is Nanite, which takes texture information and renders only the parts that will be relevant and visible to players. This allows developers to use extremely high-resolution photo scans and import them directly into a game. Unreal Engine will then only render what is necessary, saving computing power.

Stalker 2’s use of Unreal Engine 5 should lead to some impressive visuals that could be worth the storage space costs. Unreal Engine 5 was initially unveiled in 2020 and showed remarkable lighting technology called Lumen. Since then, several tech demos have shown off the power in Unreal Engine 5.

In other news, an Escape From Tarkov wipe could be coming later this month. Battlestate Games has released some new images of an upcoming map and included a tease saying, “you already know when the 12.12 release will be.” Battlestate has already confirmed that the release of this update would come with a progress wipe.



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