The Xbox Series X themed designs might teach PlayStation a thing or two.

The Xbox Series X themed designs might teach PlayStation a thing or two.

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  • Video game consoles have changed a lot since the early days of the industry. As games moved from the arcade to the living room, systems like the Nintendo Entertainment System or the Atari 2600 were boxy creations that largely mimicked the television sets and VHS players of their time. It didn’t take long, however, for game consoles to develop their own sense of personality. Now, the aesthetics of a console are almost as important as its technical specs, and the big three companies of PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo have displayed a remarkable sense of creativity when making some of their most recent pieces of hardware.

  • In their first year, the PS5 and Xbox Series X have been chugging along, but it’s evident that the Series X is putting more emphasis on customisation.

The newest generation of consoles from PlayStation and Xbox have inspired a particularly eccentric level of creativity through their base designs. While the PS5 demands the attention of the player with its two-tone coloring and massive size, the Xbox Series X provides an understated, but equally attention-grabbing profile with its rectangular, monolithic design. Where these consoles really differ, however, is in their specialty hardware offerings. And while “console wars” are hardly decided by how much more colorful a system is, there is one company that seems more devoted towards developing a true sense of character early on.

PlayStation and Xbox have always seemed to have a decent blend of themed consoles in past generations, but Xbox has really pulled ahead with the Xbox Series X. Before the system has reached its first full year on the market, Xbox has already revealed a handful of special variations.

Xbox’s Themed Series X Consoles And PlayStation’s Lack Of PS5 Ambition.

To celebrate the impending release of Halo Infinite, Xbox has been offering a limited edition Series X with a custom design inspired by Zeta Halo and Cortana. And, to the surprise of many, Xbox recently announced a sweepstakes to win a custom SpongeBob or TMNT Series X in conjunction with Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl.

This range of colorful consoles has been exciting for many Xbox fans, but it’s also indicative of a shortcoming on the part of PlayStation. While Xbox is putting out these special systems, PlayStation is still only offering the white and black PS5 with no definite sign of when any variations may be coming. This is particularly confounding given the PS5’s removable faceplates, which open up a suite of opportunities for customization. Unfortunately, fans that want such customization have had to rely on third parties for more colorful faceplates. And with how other PS5 hardware has received new colors, it’s a wonder why the console itself hasn’t.



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