The weekend’s top discounts include the Epic Games Store Christmas sale, Apple products, and more

The weekend's top discounts include the Epic Games Store Christmas sale, Apple products, and more

Tech Highlights:

  • Though PC gaming storefront sales are common, this one stands out for bringing back a recurring coupon promotion that saves $10 on any qualified game priced at $14.99 or higher on Epic’s site. The $10 coupon must be claimed first, but it applies over and above any other discounts—for example, a game on sale for $15 will now only cost $5—and it automatically renews after each transaction.

  • Another Dealmaster is on the way. The Epic Games Store’s annual Christmas sale, which started earlier this week and goes until January 6, is at the top of our newest roundup of the finest tech deals we can locate.

Also of note: Epic finally added a shopping cart to its 3-year-old storefront earlier this month, so you can now check out with multiple games at once. If you do, the $10 coupon will apply to each eligible game in your cart individually, not as a one-time discount. If you pick up five games priced at $15 or more, for instance, you’ll get $50 shaved off the total cost.

If you’re already drowning in things to play, meanwhile, our weekend deals roundup has plenty of other options on offer, including strong price cuts on various Apple Watch and AirPods models, ongoing Black Friday prices on 4K media streamers and noise-canceling headphones we recommend, a couple good deals on Philips Hue lights, and more. You can see our full curated list below.

All of this brings several recommended games down to their best prices to date. The roguelike Hades, our 2020 game of the year, is down to a new low of $6 after applying the coupon, while the RPG Disco Elysium, the runner-up on our 2019 list, is down to a new low of $8. The PC ports of Death Stranding and Horizon Zero Dawn are at new lows of $11 and $15, respectively, while critically acclaimed 2021 games such as Death’s Door, Hitman 3, Loop Hero, Kena: Bridge of Spirits, Inscryption, and The Forgotten City are also as cheap as we’ve seen them. We have a more complete list of deals we particularly like from the sale below. If you’re a PC player seeking to catch up on some games over the holidays, these are a good value. If you’d rather shop elsewhere, though, note that Steam plans to kick off its own winter sale on December 22.

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