The weather returns for more Android 12 pixels at a glance

The weather returns for more Android 12 pixels at a glance

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  • One report on r/android_beta today shows the return of At a Glance weather on Android 12. The preferences page works again with “Personalization” letting users control: Location History: Turn on for accurate weather info and location related features
    Home and work: Get commute info like ETA and traffic based on your home and work address. Under “Features” you can enable/disable: Commute & Time to Leave (See traffic and ETA), Weather (Current weather info), and Alerts, among other items.

  • Updated on 10/11: Weather is available in At a Glance for Android 12 users. Today, there are at least six fresh reports. It’s being rolled out from the server side and can’t be manually triggered, but hopefully it’ll be available sooner rather than later. It makes you wonder why Google didn’t fix At a Glance right after Android 12 Beta 5 was released. 10/8: Beta 5 has been redesigned At a Glance, the persistent widget in the Pixel Launcher is now left-aligned rather than centred at the top of the screen. While the day and date are visible, the current weather and temperature are not. Users can access a broken settings menu by long-pressing and selecting Customize > gear icon.

The one Reddit user that has this up-and-running said they “just happened to notice” the return of weather on the homescreen and lockscreen/always-on display. They did not root to get it enabled, and there are no other reports as of early Friday. The latest Google app beta update occurred earlier this week, and did not immediately restore At a Glance. As such, a server-side update is more likely.

Google will hopefully widely roll out this change and let people easily access weather. Since this bug occurred, users have had to place the Google Weather homescreen shortcut as an alternative. At a Glance already has some integration with Google Clock app when setting a timer, while yesterday’s Pixel 6 revealed a bigger functionality upgrade is coming.

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