The Steam update teases the restoration of Dark Souls 3’s multiplayer servers

The Steam update teases the restoration of Dark Souls 3's multiplayer servers

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  • In January 2022, Bandai Namco shut down the Dark Souls servers on PC in order to deal with a potential security exploit affecting the RPG game in PvP, where hackers could take over a player’s PC. Six months later, and the online servers for the Dark Souls series on PC still haven’t returned. However, according to the Dark Souls 3 SteamDB page (as spotted by Lance McDonald on Twitter), Bandai Namco has pushed out a new debug update on Steam for the first time in years.

  • Could the multiplayer servers for Dark Souls 3 finally be back? Behind the scenes on Steam, Bandai Namco and From Software are working on a Dark Souls 3 update. It’s easy to forget that Dark Souls 3 multiplayer servers on PC still aren’t back online because From Software fans have been safely diverted by Elden Ring multiplayer for the past few months. An updated version of Dark Souls 3 on Steam may give fans some hope even if Bandai Namco is allegedly working on a PvP fix.

While this isn’t firm evidence of anything, it does strongly suggest that Bandai Namco is prepping a new Dark Souls 3 PC patch to roll out soon. Given that the most crucial fix the game needs right now is to have multiplayer servers put back and the exploit fixed, hopefully this update will do just that. As for when the Dark Souls multiplayer update will actually land, that’s still up in the air. While you’re waiting, the Elden Ring seamless co-op mod is out now, and the enemy randomizer mod should work to make things a little more unpredictable.

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