The six-year-old Fairphone 2 gets Android 10

The six-year-old Fairphone 2 gets Android 10

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  • Although getting an Android update two years after its original release wouldn’t normally be cause for celebration, it’s basically unheard of for an Android manufacturer to still be updating a handset six years after its original release. Only Apple comes close to these kinds of support periods and recently released its latest iOS 15 update for the 2015 iPhone 6S. Meanwhile, Samsung offers four years of security updates and three generational Android updates for its recent phones. Google has promised to provide security updates for its latest Pixel 6 devices for five years and Android version updates for three years.

  • Fairphone, a sustainable smartphone manufacturer, has delivered an Android 10 upgrade for the Fairphone 2, a six-year-old gadget that debuted with Android 5 in 2015. For the time being, the update is in beta, but the company expects to deliver a stable version early next year. Along with it, the business intends to begin beta testing an Android 11 update for the 2019 and 2020 Fairphone 3 models.

Offering updates for this length of time isn’t easy, as Fairphone explained in a blog post when it released its public beta of Android 9 running on the Fairphone 2. One of the bigger challenges is that the chipset manufacturer Fairphone uses, Qualcomm, only offers support for its processors for a certain number of years. As of last December, Qualcomm supports its chips for three major OS updates and four years of security updates. However, once this support ends, manufacturers like Fairphone are on their own if they want to continue keeping their phones updated.

They’re way too slow on releasing devices though. What they really should just do is go full Project Ara and have just a base device that can be swapped out with new parts which allegedly is what the Framework laptop is going to have. Open source the hardware so when the CPU/Mobo module gets out of date you can just connect it to another board ala Raspberry Pi CM and use it that way. This sort of thing is why I’m still so hesitant to actually pull that trigger and buy the phone I’ve been wanting for months, the Sony Xperia 1 III, as Sony have thus far only committed to 2 Android version updates for it, and yet here’s this Fairphone that’ll probably outlast it in updates and costs a lot less. Stuff like this makes me even more reluctant to spend that much money.

For the Fairphone 2’s Android 10 update, the company says it collaborated with its community to speed up the update process. Together with help from Indian software developer Bharath Ravi Prakash, Fairphone says the Fairphone 2’s Android 10 update took just 10 months to develop, compared to 18 months for Android 9. Today’s news will be welcome for anyone still using a Fairphone 2 who wants to benefit from Android 10 features like gesture navigation and support for an OS-level dark mode. But it’s also reassuring for anyone thinking about picking up its latest phone, the Fairphone 4, which the company hopes to keep supported for six years until 2027.

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