The Sila ACH API based white label mobile app is now available for iOS and Android

News Summary:

  • Sila and Digital Geko also today formally announced their strategic partnership, unveiling their longstanding collaboration. Shamir Karkal, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Sila Inc. Saving time and money is more important than ever for fintech entrepreneurs in a tight macroeconomic climate. As the fastest route to the Sila service, Nitro couldn’t have been more timely to launch”. Mobile apps are available for Android and iOS. Key features include registering users and companies, enabling KYC/KYB processes, creating digital wallets, linking bank accounts.

  • Digital Geko, a fintech software platform that delivers payment infrastructure as a service, and web and mobile app developer Digital Geko, today announced the launch of Nitro. Nitro is a set of modules designed to build fintech apps using pre-populated Sila core software components. An ACH API that can be customized by fintech entrepreneurs. Providing Nitro’s base software components, including mobile applications, significantly reduces entry costs and speeds time to market compared to building applications from scratch.

Depositing and withdrawing funds from digital wallets, and cross-purses include the transfer of funds. Fully integrated and out of the box, Nitro uses webhooks to process events from Sila. “Sometimes fintech start-ups fail because it takes too long to get their technology infrastructure up and running, including mobile apps. We can take it away,” said Miguel Muñoz, CEO of Digital Geko. “We built Nitro with the goal of helping fintech entrepreneurs with the infrastructure they need to bring their great ideas to life.


It’s like plug-and-play software, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on building their business and brand”. His CEO of Emerald Wallet, Eric Heath, said: “The partnership between Sila and Digital Geko will be a true catalyst for fintech startups around the world.”