The rollout of dual SIM support for Android Auto has begun

The rollout of dual SIM support for Android Auto has begun

Tech Highlights:

  • We’ve not been able to replicate the functionality in our testing on a Pixel 6 Pro running Google Fi on an eSIM and Verizon as a physical SIM. Dual-SIM support in Android Auto would primarily make itself known in the Phone app, where users would be able to select which SIM to use when making a phone call. Previously, Android Auto would only use the default SIM when starting a call. As mentioned, in September of this year Google announced this feature would be coming. If you’re seeing it live on your device, let us know in the comments below.

  • Google finally confirmed earlier this year, after years of user requests, that Android Auto would be adding support for dual-SIM smartphones. It looks that the feature is now being rolled out to users. One Reddit user spotted over the weekend that Android Auto dual-SIM support is up and running on their vehicle, though it seems that this hasn’t rolled out widely. The functionality isn’t active on their end, according to comments on the same page. The user who was successful in enabling this functionality stated that their app version is 7.1.614554 and that they are enrolled in the beta programme.

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