The popular Elden Ring ending shows players wanting Ranni

News Summary:

  • To put it mildly, it has something to do with how Age of Stars ended. You will receive one of the small winter witch Ranni’s four hands in holy matrimony if you can fully demonstrate your devotion to her. The “secret” Age of Stars achievement can only be obtained by finishing the game with her by your side.

  • Elden Ring, a massive role-playing game from FromSoftware, has six distinct endings, each with a different level of esotericism. For instance, to unlock the Age of Fracture ending, you merely need to complete the game, in contrast to the complicated procedures required to access the Age of Duskborn or Blessing of Despair endings. The Age of Stars ending, which strangely has more Steam players who have unlocked it than the standard ending, is the most ambiguous and complex of the six endings, according to PC Gamer.

But, hey, you know women—to get there, you have to cross a number of perilous bogs, including Siofra River Well, thwart the insane Starscourge Radahn at Wailing Dunes, find the right people to speak to, and then follow all of their instructions sequentially. Comparable to the time I had to make sure my League of Legends boyfriend didn’t have a 4chan account before I decided to marry him.

I also gave myself a kick by abandoning the path just before the end because I became bored with it. Even though Astel, Naturalborn of the Void, who resembles an eldritch mosquito, is a quest-mandatory boss, it’s not their fault that I lacked the heart to defeat him.

Derailing Ranni’s questline is much simpler than staying on it. I regrettably (though, to be fair, accidentally) pushed my League boyfriend off Ranni’s path after he had already fulfilled its requirements by causing the fiery Age of Chaos ending out of curiosity, encouraging him to open the mysterious door even though, in retrospect, it appears to be evil. I apologize. You are familiar with women!

Most Elden Ring players, at least those who played on Steam, don’t seem to be put off by Ranni’s erratic behavior.

According to PC Gamer, “25.9% of players have The Age of the Stars achievement, which is the ending unlocked by Ranni’s questline, while 19.6% have the Elden Lord achievement,” which is the default ending achievement. “Obviously, there are some caveats here, including the fact that this is only for Steam users, the main one being that some players will have played the game twice and achieved both.”

According to TrueAchievements, which tracks Xbox and PC achievements, the game’s default ending was reached by slightly more people than Age of Stars. However, its Steam stats are noteworthy, and may be an indication that I need to soak in a vat of macerated blueberries until my skin takes on Ranni’s ethereal blue. Violet Beauregarde, but in RPG form.