The Pixel Notepad is said to be significantly cheaper than the Galaxy Z Fold 3

The Pixel Notepad is said to be significantly cheaper than the Galaxy Z Fold 3

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  • Samsung has presumably managed to bring the price down because of something called economies of scale whereby costs of production go down as production volume increases. So, it’s a little hard to understand how Google is targeting a price of $1,400 for the Pixel Notepad, but then again this is not beyond the realms of possibility, considering Oppo’s first foldable phone, the Find N, costs the equivalent of $1,200. Speaking of which, the Pixel Notepad is expected to have a square aspect ratio like the Oppo Find N instead of the taller aspect ratio of the Fold 3, which could make writing on the cover screen feel more convenient.

  • It was previously reported that Google’s first foldable phone, dubbed the Pixel Notepad, would be less expensive than Samsung’s latest bendable handset, the Galaxy Z Fold 3, and now a specific price has been revealed. According to two sources, Google is considering a price of around $1,400 for the first foldable Pixel. That would make it $400 less expensive than the Fold 3, which retails for $1,799.99. While this may appear to be a good thing at first glance, keep in mind that foldable phones necessitate more complicated parts, which are typically more expensive. That explains why the first batch of foldable phones released by Samsung and Huawei in 2019 cost around $2,000.

The Notepad will allegedly have the in-house Tensor chip under the hood, the same processor that powers the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. The device is unlikely to get the flagship range’s 50MP rear camera though, and will instead go for Pixel 5’s 12.2-megapixel IMX363 sensor, which will be accompanied by a 12MP ultrawide camera. The phone is also expected to have two 8MP front cameras, one for the main screen and one for the cover display.

It was previously reported that the Pixel Notepad would initially only be available in the US and today’s report says that the device will be released internationally by the end of 2022. While that doesn’t tell us anything about the US launch, if were to speculate, we’d assume a Q3 unveiling. Before that, we are likely to see the Pixel 6a, which a recent leak says will be revealed in May.

The aforementioned 50MP sensor is physically larger than the sensors Google is expected to use for the Notepad, and would have increased the thickness of the device. Besides, even Samsung’s best foldable phones don’t exactly have stellar camera setups, so these specs are unlikely to be deal-breakers for most prospective buyers.

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