The Pixel 6 gets Android 12L with the Feature Drop in March

The Pixel 6 gets Android 12L with the Feature Drop in March

Tech Highlights:

  • Meanwhile, a handful of features announced with the March Feature Drop are exclusive to the Pixel 6 family. This includes Live Caption for Calls, where you can type out responses that are read aloud on the other end, and Night Sight in Snapchat (app update required). Meanwhile, Spanish and Italian are now supported by the Recorder app and Live Translate. Interpreter Mode today also works in those languages, as well as French.

  • With the March Feature Drop roll out, Pixel 6 and 6 Pro owners are starting to experience the Android 12L upgrade after a two-week wait. The Android 12L update for the Pixel 6 offers a host of UI and functional improvements, as well as various patches (listed here). On Google’s most recent phones, 76 issues have been resolved in total.

One of the biggest highlights is the Battery widget for Bluetooth devices, like headphones. After updating to Android 12L, you should see an update for Settings Services in the Play Store. Afterward, look for that “app” in the Widgets list to place “Battery” on your homescreen.

At a Glance on the lock/homescreen will also surface battery information, earthquake alerts, safety check countdown (Personal Safety), and a useful prompt to turn off alarms if tomorrow is a holiday. However, this capability has not launched yet. There are no carrier-specific builds, while this update also enables C-Band support on Verizon. You can install via the ~490MB OTA or flash/sideload immediately:

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