The pesky Google Maps dark mode bug with Android Auto has finally been fixed

The pesky Google Maps dark mode bug with Android Auto has finally been fixed

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  • Before the update dropped, Android smartphone users might have noticed that Android Auto always loaded Google Maps in dark mode. Even if your smartphone and personal settings were set otherwise you were forced to follow a dark map on your travels. Now, all of you light mode fans can rejoice as Google Maps update 11.35.1. has quietly patched the issue (via Autoevolution(opens in new tab)). The same site also notes that an official thread of users discussing the problem was removed by Google, perhaps indicating that the problem is a thing of the past.

  • The audience of TechRadar backs it up. We may receive an affiliate commission if you make a purchase after clicking on one of our links. Here’s why you can put your faith in us. Google Maps’ vexing dark mode bug with Android Auto has finally been resolved. If you use Google Maps to navigate while driving, now is the time to rejoice since Google has finally fixed the vexing Android Auto dark mode issue.

While being forced into dark mode was a fairly minor inconvenience, if you’re relying on the service over a long trip, the design could grate on you if you think it’s ugly. Additionally, some users may find light mode easier to read. So, being forced into a different design might make traveling by car less easy for them. The update should automatically roll out to all Google Maps users over the coming days if it hasn’t already.

Now that you’re back to driving around using Google Maps, you might want to check out these awesome features that could save you money on gas. Hamish is a Staff Writer for TechRadar (@Hamish_Hector(opens in new tab) on Twitter) and has been writing about tech for almost five years. He now lends his experience to cover news and reviews across everything on TechRadar (from Computing to Audio to Gaming and the rest). In his free time, you’ll likely find Hamish humming show tunes while building Lego or playing D&D with his mates.

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