The pack has returned and are wiser than ever

News Summary:

  • “I am very excited to welcome a new group of talented students to Michigan Tech,” said Lehman. I hear it’s the quality of the faculty and the opportunity to work closely with them from day one. I hear they want the rigorous academic challenge and preparation this experience provides. And Of course, we hear that they want the kind of high salary offers our degree offers in the job market”. More than 2,100 of Michigan Tech’s current students are women, and the number of women opting for technology has steadily increased over her decade. Women make up almost 30% of all students.

  • More than 7,000 students have arrived on the Michigan Tech campus to start the fall semester, including the second largest freshman Husky class since 1984. Following last year’s record enrollments, Michigan Tech welcomed her 7,073 students to campus this fall, including 1,388 freshmen. John Lehman, vice president of college relations and admissions, said last year’s freshman class and this year’s class represented two of the largest since 1984. He also said his He said an average score of 3.83 was a new college record. Overall enrollment is increased by 1%.

This is the highest percentage the university has ever obtained. It also increased the proportion of underrepresented minority students in the country for the third year in a row, now accounting for over 11.5% of all students. For Wallace Southland III, vice president for student affairs and dean of research, these numbers point to a promising trend. “Tech college enrollment numbers show that we already know Michigan Tech is a leading technology college that students of all backgrounds want to attend. We offer excellent academic programs taught by highly qualified faculty, offering a very good student development experience at a family-friendly price”.