The number of extra keys that Razer has crammed into this keyboard cannot be overstated

News Summary:

  • So to start, on the left side of the keyboard, there are five macro keys. They are joined by three additional buttons on the left edge that resemble the thumb buttons you’ll find on a mouse. At the top right there’s a volume roller like the one Razer fitted on the latest generation BlackWidow V3, but this time it’s hooked up to four programmable media keys that, by default, handle playback /pause, mute and jump. before and after. Oh, and there’s also a second dial at the top left that you can program with various functions and switch between them with each dial press.

  • While mechanical keyboard enthusiasts are getting more and more compact year by year, Razer is going in the opposite direction with its new BlackWidow V4 Pro. It uses a full-size keyboard layout as its base (with numeric keypad), but adds over half a dozen additional buttons and dials that can be programmed for use in games and power programs.

Ok, but what if you don’t like the buttons? Maybe Razer can lure you in with its free RGB lighting. The BlackWidow V4 Pro supports Razer’s Chroma RGB platform, which means its lights can sync with other RGB devices on and around your desk as well as games running on your PC. The keyboard uses this RGB lighting to create fancy startup animations when plugged in or when you turn on your PC. Oh, and the included wristband also has RGB lighting – just in case there aren’t enough RGB lights for you.

The keyboard has a polling rate of up to 8000 Hz, which should theoretically minimize input lag. Just be aware that this uses standard mechanical switches instead of the more responsive optical versions found in Razer’s Huntsman line of keyboards. Keycaps are double-shot glossy and made of ABS plastic.

Below all the buttons and lights is a more typical gaming keyboard. There’s no mention of hot-swappable switches, which means you’ll probably break the soldering iron if you want to use anything other than a choice of linear green or red switches installed available from Razer. Razer says these internal switches are now rated for 100 million keystrokes, just like Cherry’s last-generation MX switches.

Oh, and interestingly, you can connect the Razer BlackWidow V4 Pro to your computer using up to two USB-C cables. One is for the keyboard itself and the second is optional but enables the board’s USB-A 2.0 port. Two USB cables! What a time to live. All these features don’t come cheap. Razer’s BlackWidow V4 Pro is available now for $229.99 (£229.99 / €269.99). For more affordable alternatives, check out our guide to the best mechanical keyboards we’ve tried. Of course, none of them can be connected to your PC with two USB cables.