The MonsterVerse series on Apple TV+ has attracted some huge WandaVision talent

The MonsterVerse series on Apple TV+ has attracted some huge WandaVision talent

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  • Legendary Entertainment, the company that produces the onscreen MonsterVerse stories, announced that Matt Shakman, who executive produced WandaVision and wrote all of the Marvel TV show’s episodes, will direct the first two episodes of Apple TV+’s MonsterVerse series. Variety add in its report that Shakman will also be an executive producer on the project. It’s unclear how many episodes the MonsterVerse series will have, as Apple TV+ original programming can range anywhere from six to 10 episodes per season.

  • The MonsterVerse is now available on mobile devices. Count the MonsterVerse among the properties that have expanded beyond the realm of film. It was reported in January, over a year after the premiere of Godzilla vs. Kong, that Apple TV+ is developing a live-action series set in this Titan-filled universe. Matt Shakman of WandaVision will contribute his talents to this yet-to-be-officially-titled addition to Apple TV+ customers’ collection of programming, it was announced today.

The MonsterVerse series joins Matt Shakman’s long list of TV credits, with other major entries including Game of Thrones, Fargo, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and The Great. Additionally, Shakman is set to direct Star Trek 4, i.e. the movie bringing back the Kelvin timeline characters, like Chris Pine’s James Kirk and Zachary Quito’s Spock. However, since it hasn’t been revealed yet when Star Trek 4 will film yet (in late April, Quinto said he was in a “wait and see” pattern), it’s hard to say if Shakman will start working on that before or after Apple TV+’s MonsterVerse show.

There’s no word yet on what Titans we’ll see in Apple TV+’s MonsterVerse series, although I’m hoping Godzilla at least peeks his head in. This is the second MonsterVerse series in development; Netflix has the anime-styled Skull Island coming up, which will follow a group of shipwrecked characters trying to survive on the island that was once home to King Kong. There’s also a Godzilla vs. Kong sequel in the works, which Adam Wingard is returning to direct and will star Dan Stevens, who previously worked with Wingard on The Guest.

Plot-wise, all we know about Apple TV+’s contribution to the MonsterVerse landscape is that the story will take place after “the thunderous battle between Godzilla and the Titans that leveled San Francisco,” and follow a family embarking on a journey to uncover “buried secrets” and a “legacy” linking them to the “secret” scientific organization Monarch, which studies these giant monsters. The wording in the synopsis indicates the show will take place after 2014’s Godzilla, since San Francisco was where the title Titan defeated the MUTOs. Furthermore, Monarch’s existence was revealed to the public at the end of 2019’s Godzilla: King of the Monsters, so clearly the events that will unfold in this show happen before that.

While we wait for more news about what to expect from the live-action MonsterVerse series, check out what other Apple TV+ movies and Apple TV+ shows are available to watch now if you’re subscribed. If you’re looking to enjoy the MonsterVerse movies, those can be watched with an HBO Max subscription. Connoisseur of Marvel, DC, Star Wars, John Wick, MonsterVerse and Doctor Who lore. He’s aware he looks like Harry Potter and Clark Kent.

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