The light action game is currently available on Android via Early Access

The light action game is currently available on Android via Early Access

Tech Highlights:

  • Little Journeys is a light-hearted action/arcade game with physics-based 3D low-poly graphics. The player controls a blimp with just two fingers and has to transfer people all over the place. There are numerous, relatively brief tasks divided into levels. Each mission map is created from the ground up. Numerous adjustments, awards, and challenges are provided. Players can get early access to Little Journeys for free. It is easy to understand the gameplay with a simple contextual tutorial. Players can further enjoy the game freely without any interruptive ads in between.

  • Little Journeys was just released as a public early access title on Google Play. It has low-poly, stylised 3D graphics and is an action game with no violence. The player takes on the role of a blimp pilot whose responsibility it is to move the miniature people around. The airship inertia, which needs some level of piloting expertise to manage, is the game’s main obstacle. The excitement of flying through the skies while listening to gloomy music, the satisfaction of improving one’s piloting skills, and the desire to take on new missions are the main factors that keep the gameplay interesting.

The game has been calibrated in such a way that all the missions can be cleared without spending any real money. Little Journeys has been integrated with Google Play games to save achievements, leaderboards, and game progress. In a nutshell, Little Journeys is a wonderful fusion of the two elements. One is the peace and serenity of free flight. Two, flying a strange aircraft presents a significant task. . It is implemented in the LibGDX framework with the Bullet 3D engine, and the graphics are done mainly in Blender 3D and Inkscape, so it’s basically all Open Source. Little Journeys is now available on the Google Play as early access. For more Mobile Gaming news and updates, join our WhatsApp group, Telegram Group, or Discord server. Also, follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Google News for quick updates.

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