The LG Wing is getting an Android 11 update on Verizon

The LG Wing is getting an Android 11 update on Verizon

Tech Highlights:

  • Update 12/24: We’ve also seen evidence that T-Mobile is rolling out Android 11 to its version of the LG Wing. This update also brings the November 2021 security patch, slightly upgraded from the previous September 2021 patch.

  • The LG Wing was the company’s final major smartphone release before it went out of business earlier this year, and it was certainly a unique take on twin displays. LG has begun pushing out Android 11 to the Wing in what is likely to be one of its final updates. The LG Wing Android 11 upgrade, which is now only available for the Verizon variant in the United States, finally moves the phone away from Android 10, which was released over a year before the phone itself.

Verizon’s changelog for the update goes over the usual feature additions such as notification bubbles, but it’s clear that not much has changed in LG’s skin over top of the OS. The UI looks largely identical while Verizon points out minor changes such as support for Focus Mode through the quick settings, expanded support for Emergency Alerts, and the apparent removal of some mobile hotspot controls.

While an update to Android 11 over two months after Android 12 started rolling out isn’t exactly quick, it’s not terrible, given that LG’s mobile division basically doesn’t exist anymore. The company previously committed to two years of support for flagship devices including the Wing, so updates should continue through the end of next year. Who knows? Maybe the company will surprise us all with an Android 12 update.

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