The LEGO 2K Drive “Live Service” features real money transactions

News Summary:

  • There will be an option to use “real money” to buy specific items in addition to the in-game currency known as “Brickbux,” which players can use to buy optional items such as new vehicles, minifigures, and more at a store known as “Unkie’s Emporium.”

  • This week saw the official debut of LEGO 2K Drive, and it now appears that some fresh information regarding the game’s transactions has emerged.

The following is what a representative for 2K told Wccftech, along with a remark about “safety and responsibility” in relation to parents making the best choices for their children:

There are two categories of items in the store: those that can be bought with coins obtained through a real money purchase or those that can be bought with Brickbux obtained through gameplay.

“Lego 2K Drive has an in-game shop called Unkie’s Emporium where players can buy extras like new vehicles and minifigures.

When designing Lego 2K Drive, we placed a high priority on safety and responsibility. To make purchases, a player must register for a 2K Account. This is done to ensure that parents can make the best choices for their children. If the player is underage, an adult must verify their account and have the authority to halt in-game money transactions.

In addition, a press release has confirmed that LEGO 2K Drive will function as a “live service” with seasonal updates and a “Drive Pass.” This other content’s specifics have not yet been made public.