The iOS and Android versions of Tom Clancy’s The Division: Resurgence will have a storyline set in New York

The iOS and Android versions of Tom Clancy's The Division: Resurgence will have a storyline set in New York

Tech Highlights:

  • The Division Resurgence mobile title is shaping up as a free ROG shooter that will have a campaign that is different from Tom Clancy’s The Division 1 and 2 in the franchise. “It takes place in a contemporary post-crisis America where a virus outbreak has created chaos and the collapse of the government,” chimes Unisoft.

  • For all fans of the Tom Clancy video game series, The Division, the well-known RPG will be moving from consoles and PCs to smartphones. According to its creators at Ubisoft, the newest Division: Resurgence will be available for both iOS and Android in 2023, and they are now developing an original mobile storyline that will be set in New York.

The “Strategic Homeland Division” is the one that has to take care of peace and protection and you will be its willing agent like in other Division titles. As usual, Ubisoft promises “stunning” graphics, and says that “controls and user interface are specifically tailored to ensure a smooth experience on handheld devices.” There will be both single and co-op missions set in the large open world of the new PVE campaign and fans of the game know what fun is to be had with looting and modding to upgrade your character, weapons, or assorted accessories.

If you are interested to take the shoot’em-up mobile RPG for a spin, you can sign up for the closed Tom Clancy The Division Resurgence alpha and give precious feedback to the developers while you enjoy the franchise on the admittedly smallish screen of your mobile.

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