The ideal iPhone Convincing Android consumers to switch is that iPhone 15 Pro with USB-C and Periscope zoom camera

The ideal iPhone Convincing Android consumers to switch is that iPhone 15 Pro with USB-C and Periscope zoom camera

Tech Highlights:

  • A brand new front design, with a dual punch-hole display, which is said to be able to refresh at 1-120Hz (up from 10-120Hz) to save battery but also stay always on (yes, like a Samsung). A new A16 Bionic chip, which isn’t expected to be a huge improvement over the A15 but will certainly improve Apple’s already existing lead over the Snapdragons and MediaTek’s of the world. A brand new primary 48MP camera with 8K video support. Largely unchanged battery sizes (according to an uncorroborated leak). A $100 price increase compared to the iPhone 13 Series ($1,099 for iPhone 14 Pro and $1,199 for iPhone 14 Pro Max)

  • The author’s personal opinions and viewpoints may be found in this article. The ideal iPhone to convince Android consumers to switch is the iPhone 15 Pro with USB-C and Periscope zoom camera. Yet though the iPhone 14 hasn’t even out, the iPhone 15 is being discussed here. I am aware that… But please be patient with me; I mean well. The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, which, based on the most recent speculations, will go on sale in exactly two months, will, according to what we now know about Apple’s premium 2022 iPhones, be providing us:

Well, this story is for those Android users (and those with older iPhones, too) who think the above-stated list of upgrades simply isn’t enough to justify making the switch from Android or paying at least $1,100 for an iPhone 14 Pro. I’m one of you (I somehow belong to both groups). Poll time! Check the bottom of the page and tell us: Would iPhone 15 Pro with USB-C, a periscope zoom camera, and Fast and Reverse Wireless Charging make you switch from Android or your old iPhone?

Lock screen wallpapers on iOS 16 now also integrate a Portrait Mode-like effect, where if you have a picture with a standout subject (think: your face/pet/a building), your iPhone can automatically crop it and overlay it over the time/clock widget on your lock screen. It creates a depth effect that makes your subject and clock look somewhat more alive/3D. My early impressions are that the algorithm is surprisingly accurate (often to a point of perfection).

Wallpapers on iPhone are now super-customizable too. There’s a feature called Photo Shuffle, which allows iPhone to change its wallpaper automatically on a daily/hourly basis, or every time you wake the phone or tap on the lock screen. This one can make your iPhone feel fresh every time you unlock it. If it sounds familiar, that’s because Huawei phones have been able to do this for years now.

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