The House spokesman responded to Bernard’s claim that Barrett’s phone call was a “clear, if unspecific” threat

The House spokesman responded to Bernard's claim that Barrett's phone call was a "clear, if unspecific" threat

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  • “The Speaker has no firsthand knowledge of this private conversation,” a spokesperson said in an email Tuesday. “Per House rules, the Ethics Committee is able to investigate complaints filed by a Member, officer or employee.” The spokesperson did not reply to multiple requests for clarification on the statement. North Adams Mayor Tom Bernard says he views phone call from state Rep. John Barrett III as ‘clear, if nonspecific, threat’. North Adams Mayor Tom Bernard says he views phone call from state Rep. John Barrett III as ‘clear, if nonspecific, threat’.4

  • NORTH ADAMS, MASSACHUSETTS — The state House speaker has offered no indication whether state Rep. John Barrett III will face an ethics investigation two days after North Adams Mayor Tom Bernard called for one. Bernard requested the inquiry on Monday, citing a remark made by Barrett that the mayor mistook for a threat. When asked if the House would comply, Speaker Ronald Mariano’s office did not provide a direct response, but seemed to imply that an ethics review would not be appropriate in this case.

Rep. Thomas Walsh, chair of the House Committee on Ethics, did not respond to a request for comment. In a Nov. 10 email, Bernard called on Mariano to start an ethics review into a comment Barrett made in a phone conversation about plans for the Mohawk Theater. “In our conversation you indicated that presenting this update and strategy to the Council and the community would be ‘bad’ for my livelihood, professional standing, and family, which I reasonably infer and construe as a clear, if nonspecific, threat on your part toward me,” Bernard wrote.

“The Commissioner has spoken with the Chair to apprise him of the correspondence he received from Mayor Bernard,” said Matt Noyes, director of trustee and government relations at the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education, in an email. “Under statute (MGL Ch 15A Section 21), the DHE does not have authority over the appointment or removal of institutional trustees.”

Barrett told The Eagle this week that he was trying to provide Bernard advice and Bernard interpreted it in a way he did not intend. “It was not a heated discussion at all,” he said. In his complaint, Bernard also suggested that Barrett’s status as a trustee of the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts be reviewed.

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