The Hampton Police Department has launched a new app

The Hampton Police Department has launched a new app

Tech Highlights:

  • It replaces the “Connect Protect” app that was launched in 2017 that will no longer be available starting July 1. The app is available on both Android and Apple devices. You can locate and download Atlas One on your device by using the below links. I’m solidly in the “Android” camp, but there’s one thing about my iOS-equipped buddies that makes me envious: the software maintenance cycle. Things aren’t as awful as they were, say, five years ago, but most Android phones still only get two big upgrades each year. Granted, Samsung took action and began extending the update cycle, and Google promised to catch Apple with its Pixel update policy, but the fact is that if you purchase an Android phone, you’ll be fine for approximately two years in terms of software.

  • Hampton Police unveiled Atlas One, a new community app, on Friday. Subscribe to WAVY’s breaking news email notifications by clicking here. It’s described as “a new smartphone app aimed to bring the police closer to local citizens” in a news release. Residents may use the app to learn about major occurrences and events in their neighbourhood.

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