The Gunk on Xbox Game Pass is a simple 1,000 point game

The Gunk on Xbox Game Pass is a simple 1,000 point game

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  • To increase one’s gamerscore, one of the main aims in every Xbox game is to unlock all of the accomplishments. Every new Xbox game releases with a minimum of 1,000 gamerscore for players to unlock, while some games are significantly easier to complete than others. Because it’s fairly easy to unlock all of the accomplishments in a newly introduced Xbox Title Pass game, it’s a terrific opportunity for achievement hunters to improve their score.

  • It’s Simple to Play the New Xbox Game Pass Game Gamerscore 1,000
    Gamers may easily earn 1,000 gamerscore by playing a new Xbox Game Pass game that was recently launched to the subscription service.

The Gunk is a new Xbox Game Pass game that was just added to the service on December 16 as a day one title. Available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X, The Gunk is a sci-fi action-adventure game with 3D platformer elements where players are tasked with exploring an alien planet and ridding it of the titular gunk. This is accomplished using a special Power Glove item that essentially functions as a vacuum.

There will likely be some leftover achievements for The Gunk players to unlock after they beat the game, but they shouldn’t be too difficult to obtain. For example, The Gunk has Xbox achievements for scanning every object and creature in the game, and while that may sound time-consuming, there aren’t too many and players will be scanning as much as possible anyway to unlock all of the upgrades. There are also achievements for defeating enemies in specific ways, but those shouldn’t be too difficult to get either once players know what exactly they need to do to unlock them.

The Gunk is a short game that can be completed in three to four hours for an initial playthrough, and it shouldn’t take much longer beyond that for someone to unlock all of its achievements and get all 1,000 gamerscore. There are only 17 achievements in The Gunk and many of them are worth a lot of gamerscore on their own. Most players should be able to unlock the majority of The Gunk‘s achievements by just playing through the game.

The Gunk is the latest Xbox Game Pass game that offers an easy way to get 1,000 gamerscore, but some fans may want to hold off. Those who take advantage of Microsoft Rewards and its associated challenges know there are times when there’s a challenge to unlock 10,000 gamerscore within a month. With that in mind, The Gunk could be saved as an easy way to get 1,000 gamerscore for anyone trying to complete that particular challenge.

The Gunk isn’t the only way for Xbox Game Pass users to get an easy 1,000 gamerscore. There are many other Xbox Game Pass games with easy achievements for players to unlock, and with new games coming to Game Pass regularly, there should be plenty in the future as well.

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