The great PlayStation game Ghost of Tsushima went up for sale on Steam

The great PlayStation game Ghost of Tsushima went up for sale on Steam

Tech Highlights:

  • Ghost of Tsushima was developed by Sucker Punch and published in July 2020 for the PlayStation platform. During the first Mongol invasion of Japan, Jin Sakai, a samurai, is sent on a journey to safeguard Tsushima Island. Later, the game gained an expansion set on Iki Island as well as a Ghost of Tsushima: Legends co-op multiplayer mode.

  • On a third-party retailer’s website, a Steam version of the fantastic PlayStation game Ghost of Tsushima has been posted for sale.

PlayStation has been releasing more of its games to the PC platform in recent years, and if the listings are to be believed, Ghost of Tsushima is the next PlayStation Studios title to do so.

Based on previous trends, PlayStation is yet to officially announce the title’s release on the PC platform via Steam and possibly the Epic Games Store. However, if the listed date is true, it would mean Ghost of Tsushima is making its way to PC in less than two years since its release on PlayStation 4 and less than a year since Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut.

Sony’s first-party titles have always been more or less exclusive to the PlayStation family of the console. That has started to change quite recently, with PlayStation investing heavily into the PC ecosystem and bringing their older titles to the platform. PlayStation titles such as Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone have already made their way to PC, with titles such as God of War and Uncharted set to be released soon.

It is unknown if the Steam port will only be the base game or if it will be the upgraded Director’s Cut. However, based on previous PlayStation trends, one can easily make an educated assumption of it being the one with all the expansions and upgrades, i.e., The Director’s Cut.


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