The Google Play Store for the web is finally getting a makeover

The Google Play Store for the web is finally getting a makeover

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  • Under the game’s tab on the web version, instead of small and boxy icons, the games are represented as large rounded rectangular images. PUBG: New State and Final Fantasy are up top, and they take up a lot of space. The other app Store is arranged in a grid pattern below. Movies and books don’t have the large bubbly look to them by contrast. They’re still represented by a dense grid of rectangles.

  • The new look brings the Play Store site to modern times. It incorporates the rounder aesthetic that we see in the mobile app; this should come as no surprise, as the new look is modeled after the app. You see the app icons represented as large rounded thumbnails that are arranged in a grid pattern with lots of space between each icon. Everything is cartoonish and bubbly, as with the mobile version.

An interesting feature of this new look adds a bit of flair to the Play Store web version. Some apps, when you select them, will show a full-motion trailer in the background. The trailer will play automatically up top while you read the app information. You also have the option to expand the trailer to full screen. This new look definitely does bring the Play Store up to more modern standards, but it might not be for everyone. A complaint most people will have about this is the same complaint that some people have about Android 12: Google’s use of space.

This new look is being tested in a limited capacity, so we have no idea when it will come to your browser. The screenshots shown were from the Korean version of the store. Arthur has been a tech journalist ever since 2013, having written for multiple sites. He really got into tech when he got his first tablet, the Archos 5, back in 2011. From there, he gathered more and more gadgets to add to his collection. Along with tech, he is also a musician. He’s been playing the piano and writing music for more than 15 years. He continues to write music for video games and film.

Since everything is larger, more bubbly, and given more space, there’s a lot less information that can be seen on the screen. The older version has a denser grids of apps, but the new look has a lot of wasted space. It looks nice, but it does impact practicality.

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