The Google Pixel 6a was available to buy online just before its official release

The Google Pixel 6a was available to buy online just before its official release

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  • Nils Ahrensmeier(opens in new tab) from technology news site Technik News has spotted what appears to be a retail unit of the Pixel 6a on a Facebook Marketplace listing. It has since been taken down, but not before Ahrensmeier was able to save the photos that accompanied it. The listing revealed Google’s upcoming challenger to the best cheap Android phones in all its glory. This is perhaps our best look yet at the device. You can sift through the images below for a clearer view.

  • It was for sale on Facebook Marketplace at the time, but the listing has since been taken down. Prior to its official release, the Google Pixel 6a was available for purchase on Facebook Marketplace. The release date for Google’s forthcoming mid-range phone is set for July 28. As demonstrated by a rush of recent internet postings for items that aren’t planned for sale for another few weeks or months, some of Google’s yet-to-be-released products appear to have landed early in certain hands recently. The Google Pixel 6a is the most recent gadget to go on sale early, although unofficially.

While the listing is no longer available on Facebook Marketplace, it was found that the seller was selling it for RM2,200–2,300 in local currency, or around $500. For the uninitiated, this is quite higher than Google’s suggested retail price of $449 for the phone. The Pixel 6a listing comes hot on the heels of the Pixel 7’s appearance on eBay a few days ago. The item for sale appeared to be a prototype of the device, which is not expected to be released for several months. A few days later, a Reddit user(opens in new tab) also claimed to have purchased a Pixel 7 Pro prototype via Facebook Marketplace (via Android Police(opens in new tab)).

Jay Bonggolto always keeps a nose for news. He is a tech journalist based in the Philippines who has been writing about consumer tech for the past six years and has been using various Android phones since falling in love with Jelly Bean. When he’s not writing, he likes to spend time outside, stealing scenes with his phone camera.

However, unlike those prototype units, the Pixel 6a that went up for bids online almost certainly looked like a retail unit, complete with a box and accessories that you’d expect to find in final packaging. It remains a mystery, though, how the Pixel 6a ended up in the hands of someone from Malaysia. The device is set for release on July 28, with pre-orders slated to start on July 21. While it’s expected to ship in 12 countries, Malaysia is not one of them. The Google Pixel 6 Pro is an excellent Android flagship device. It’s sleek and fast, and thanks to Google’s impressive AI chip, it has exclusive access to Pixel-only features. It also has a versatile camera setup with upgraded hardware, ensuring that you always get the best photos.

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