The Google app for Android has received a major redesign and a new account switcher

News Summary:

  • Note that switching accounts will change the view of all Google apps from Gmail to Google Apps, Messages, Calendar, etc. With multiple Google accounts, you can have one for personal use and one for work. Google has released a Material You Makeover for the Account Switcher page that changes the rectangular boxes on the page to a rounded design. The new designs were spotted by Android Police across Google apps like Search, Maps, Calendar, Photos, Drive and Docs.

  • If you have more than one Google Account, you’re probably familiar with the Switch Google Accounts page. You can switch between all Google accounts on this page. For example, if you have multiple Google accounts, you can have multiple Gmail accounts. To switch between them, tap your profile picture or avatar (may only show the first letter of your name) to the right of the search bar at the top of the screen. This will bring up the account switcher. The account switcher allows you to switch between the Google accounts you use for viewing.

This creator he’s running Android 13 QPR2 Beta 2.1 he’s a Pixel 6 Pro account he hasn’t found a switcher yet so not everyone still has his switcher updated account not. The changes to the account switching page are purely cosmetic as they do not add any new features or functionality. Speaking of changes, Google also changed the iconic Google app with the Material You theme. With the update, when you select a tab from the bottom bar, that selection (either Discover, Search, or Collections) is displayed in a small blue pill case.


Search shows a filter carousel at the top of the screen (matching the pill-shaped case above) and a traditional search box at the top. 9to5 Google says this change will appear in his 14.4 beta of the Google app. Material You is the design language used by Google. In explaining what that means, Google says: One that celebrates the tension between design subtlety and personal taste and doesn’t hold back in emotion. Without compromising the functional foundation of the app, Material You strives to create designs that suit every style, are accessible to every need, vibrant and adaptable to every screen”.