The Genshin Impact Datamines reveal a lot about the Itto and Gorou banners

The Genshin Impact Datamines reveal a lot about the Itto and Gorou banners

Tech Highlights:

  • Genshin Intel, meanwhile, has shared information about the characters’ movesets, constellations, and skill upgrade costs. Itto is reportedly a claymore user who can fling a bull called Ushi after opponents to deal geo damage. The gang leader can also go into a raging oni state, which sees all of his regular moves deal geo damage.

  • Dataminers have unearthed details of Genshin Impact’s upcoming update before of its release, in a tale as ancient as time and a song as old as rhyme. Various dataminers flocked to social media after the anime game’s latest round of new material went live this week to provide facts about Update 2.3, including some information regarding Arataki Itto and Gorou’s flag.Lumie shares on Twitter that the two will reportedly be a part of the same banner, and it’ll be the second one of Update 2.3, arriving on December 14. Lumie also shares that Itto will be a five-star character, whereas Gorou is currently classified as four stars. Reportedly, there’s little information on the first banner, though it’ll be a character re-run.

Gorou, meanwhile, sounds like more of a supporting character. Depending on how many geo users are in your party, he can provide benefits like damage and defence bonuses. One of his other moves deals a lot of geo damage while buffing his allies. Essentially, it looks like pairing Itto and Gorou together might be a sound idea. Lumie and Genshin Intel have also shared some gameplay of the two.

The leaks come off the back of some banner teases from Mihoyo, with the studio sharing more background information on the pair on Twitter. That usually happens not long before a Genshin Impact character joins the game. As ever with leaks, though, it’s worth noting that this is all subject to change, and what you see might not make it into the game. After all, Mihoyo hasn’t revealed the content officially, so it’s not ready yet.

Not all of the datamines have centred on the pair, though. Genshin Intel also shares on Twitter that the game might be getting an item called the Ombi-Ubiquity Net, which allows you to catch certain critters in the wild. Reportedly, you can stick your new furry pals in your Serenitea Pot, though there’s no word if you can make them battle, so no Pokémon comparisons just yet.




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