The Galaxy A54 offers the worst upgrade over the A53

News Summary:

  • The Galaxy A50 and all its successors had plastic backs, but in the end, with the Galaxy A54 5G, Samsung used a glass back. The A54 has Gorilla Glass 5 on the front and back, and let me tell you, that makes a huge difference when it comes to its quality.

  • There’s a question many Samsung fans have been asking for the past few years: why don’t their mid-range phones have glass backs while some of the competitors’ phones do, often at low prices? than? Samsung had metal backs for its Galaxy A series phones for a while, before switching to plastic.

But we all know that premium quality glass almost always comes with one big problem: slippage. And the same is true of the Galaxy A54 5G, and I hate it. It feels like a sore thumb a few seconds after opening the phone case.

I realize now that the glass back is one of the major upgrades that Samsung thinks will justify the higher price tag of the Galaxy A54 in most markets. But is it really a big update? I mean, the Galaxy S Fan Edition phones are more or less top-of-the-line and have plastic backs, and I don’t see many complaints about that.

In fact, I almost dropped it within five minutes of opening the box, but luckily it didn’t (thanks to my superhuman reflexes, as I call it). What it did was make me immediately realize that the glass back was the worst upgrade Samsung could make, and I ordered a Galaxy A54 case five minutes later.

You could argue that as a mid-range phone, the Galaxy A54 5G needs more compelling features than the Galaxy S FE to win the hearts of consumers, and the glass back is one of them. (and the fact that many Samsung fans have long asked why its mid-range phones don’t have glass backs). However, compared to all its predecessors, the Galaxy A54 5G has one more reliability.

Perhaps Samsung could have spent the money on returning the glass for something else on the BOM. For example, I would like to see a Snapdragon processor instead of an Exynos 1380. Admittedly I say this after being extremely impressed with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 on the Galaxy S23 series. The Exynos 1280 chipset worked well on last year’s Galaxy A53, at least after a few updates, but at this point you can’t really blame someone for not wanting to buy an Exynos phone.

Or, Samsung could just save the BOM by sticking the plastic back as before. Either way, I started seeing the phone have a negative sheen right out of the box, which is not a good thing.