The former Apple Arcade exclusive Various Daylife is now available on Android, but it’s expensive

News Summary:

  • Download stats may seem disappointing, but there are certainly good reasons for that game price. Other Daylife is £18.99 in the UK and over $20 in the US. Needless to say, this price is significantly higher than most mobile games on Android, especially most RPGs. Perhaps even more disappointing about the developer’s decision to rate the game so highly is that the game isn’t even new. Miscellaneous Daylife was first released on his iOS in 2019. In a Reddit post on r/AndroidGaming, the community was visibly unimpressed.

  • After being only available on iOS for several years, Various Daylife is finally released on Android. However, not everyone is happy with the price of the game. Square Enix’s Different Days is an RPG centered around the newly discovered land, the city of Antothia. It takes place in 211 of the Empire and your goal is to live the best life in the city of Erebia. Despite positive feedback from viewers, the Android community is still hesitant to buy Various Daylife. After the studio released the game two days ago, the game now has over 100 downloads on Google Play.

As mentioned earlier, Various Daylife has had quite the journey. It was originally launched as an iOS exclusive in 2019. The developer said that in late 2022 he will release Switch, PC, and PlayStation 4, expanding the reach of the game. For reasons unknown, Android was late to various Daylife parties. Various Daylife is now available for purchase on Google Play. In the meantime, check out this week’s top-selling Android games.