The first iPod went from pitch to shipped product in 7 months

If these are the smart or smart speakers, Apple rarely rushes to be the first company to move to a new product category. But once Apple has decided to commit, it moves pretty fast – just like an iPod anecdote shared (indirectly) by former Apple exec Tony Tony Fadell made clear.

In a tweet made by Stripe's chief executive officer, Patrick Collison, Tony "Podfather" Fadell reveals the scenario of the origin of the iPod. And it was pretty amazingly intense.

As Fadell revealed, he first threw Steve Jobs on the iPod in March 2001. Jobs gave him the green light for this meeting. In May he hired the first member of the team for the project. And in November the first iPod appeared to customers. It is impressive.

These days, something like that would probably not be possible. Apple can still move impressively fast, considering the size. But it must also be able to deliver many more units of a product in one day. The iPod has been a huge colossal size of the hit for Apple in the early 2000s. If Apple is no longer being produced today, the same figures, Apple's stock, would fall. In addition, Apple today not only releases new products, but also annual incremental upgrades of more than half a dozen product lines. This is before you even start adding a new product to the mix.

Those of us who consider ourselves fans of Apple, however, should be glad that Tony Fadell and others have worked as hard as they did in 2001. Without the iPod, Apple would be a very, very different society today.

Through: 9to5Mac

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